TNM Launches Massive Volunteer Recruitment Effort

In advance of a major statewide campaign directed at the 2020 elections, the Texas Nationalist Movement is launching a major volunteer recruitment effort. The goal – wrestle control of Texas from the political establishment and give a voice for pro-independence Texans at all levels of Texas government.

As a part of the Take Texas Back initiative the TNM is asking its 382,452 supporters to volunteer to help us reach another 750,000 supporters.

“We are asking each volunteer to commit to helping us identify 10 new supporters each month for 12 months through block walking, phone banking, and one-on-one conversations with their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers,” explained TNM Field Director Don Teer.

The last major volunteer recruitment efforts in 2015 netted 5,000 volunteers who grew the support base of the TNM by 159%.

TNM President Daniel Miller believes that a large base of volunteers is critical to the success of Take Texas Back.

“To achieve our mission, supporters of the TNM absolutely must become a part of the process of engaging voters in their personal networks and in their communities. By declared support, the TNM is still one of the largest political organizations in Texas. To translate that into certain victories, we must achieve success at the ballot box and reclaim Texas from the entrenched political class. Active volunteers are at the core of our plan to do just that.”

Click the button below to volunteer and help us take Texas back.

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