TNM Launches New Advocacy Tool For Supporters

The Texas Nationalist Movement is excited to release a new platform that could be a major game changer in political advocacy for TNM supporters.

The TNM’s Legislative Directory has officially launched today and features individual profiles of each legislator with important contact information. Much more than a contact list, you can also access driving directions to their capitol offices and district offices, make one-click phone calls from your cell phones, and view all TNM news related to the specific legislator.

In addition, when a TNM article relates to one or more legislators, you will see a list of those legislators at the bottom of the article with their contact information. You can see it in action here, and here.

Supporters have the ability to map their legislative districts and get streamlined access to their specific Senator and Representative on their TNM Action Center. They can also report any interactions that they have with any of the legislators on the individual profiles.

Members of the TNM get an additional feature where they are able to comment on legislator profiles and coordinate actions with other members.

We are still gathering data and will be expanding legislator profiles with social media contact info, ratings on key TNM issues, personal information, and much more.

Although the legislature is currently out of session, there are still committee meetings being held on a variety of issues. We expect that this new platform will provide a way for TNM supporters to increase their level of interaction with legislators and, through the community reporting features, hold legislators accountable for what they say on the campaign trail during election season.

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