TNM Launches New Benefit Exclusively For Supporters

TNM Launches New Benefit Exclusively For Supporters

It’s always great to check something off of the to-do list. That’s especially so when it’s been years in the making and provides a great benefit for our members and supporters.

Today marks the official launch of the TNM Marketplace, a long-gestating program exclusively for supporters and members of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

We are partnering with member-owned businesses, as well as others companies, to provide discounts, perks, free memberships and more. In addition, some of these specials will donate money back to the TNM when you use their service or buy their products.

This project has been in flux for many years now. However, we’d like to thank our friend, member, and business-owner, Scott Robbins, for pushing this project to completion. Scott owns a Texas-based company that is unparalleled in its field. He wanted to offer a special to TNM members and supporters that included 1 year of free Premium Membership. He even went so far as to set up a subsidiary of his company to exclusively serve TNM supporters.

It was this level of passion and dedication to our cause and to his fellow members that propelled this project to completion. You can see the offer from his company and other offers at this link:

Additionally, if you are a current member of the TNM, have a business of your own, and would like to follow Scott’s example, you can submit your very own offer at that same link.

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