TNM Launches New Online Organizing Tool For Supporters

TNM Launches New Online Organizing Tool For Supporters

The Texas Nationalist Movement is launching a brand new digital tool to help TEXIT supporters organize in real life.

Today, the TNM has launched a new Groups feature to help TEXIT supporters connect with one another in their local areas. This new section of the site is part of an overall effort to implement our own social network on the website and the development of our own dedicated mobile app.

When the update is fully released, all TNM supporters will have a personal profile and will be able to connect, via the groups, to other TNM supporters and organize meetings, activism, and outreach. As of now, the available groups are limited to locales where there is a current Local Coordinator candidate. If there is not a group in your area, we welcome you to apply to organize in your town at

Head over and take a look at the local groups at this link:

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