by Ryan Thorson

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TNM LAW: An Interview with Representative James White

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District 19’s Representative James White joins moderator Claver Kamau-Imani in this installment of TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop for a look at “Legislative Success & the TNM.”

Introduced as the representative that “votes his district,” Representative White went on to extol the virtues and religious faith of his constituents, and their enthusiasm for property rights and the second amendment. “So, I trust my district,” said White, “and I trust that on most days, if not every day, my district is not going to put me in a position where I may have to take a vote that conflicts with my heart and my values.”

James White has on multiple occasions worked with the Texas Nationalist movement on a number of bills, such as the effort to legalize fireworks sales for Texas holidays (Alamo anniversary, Texas Independence Day, San Jacinto Day), part of the cultural mission of TNM. Claver asked White about this, and he stressed the importance of a politician to “listen” to his base, and not pander with no intention of trying to deliver on his promises, this would include his constituents within the TNM. Furthermore, he stated that “Everyone has a spirit of wanting to be independent. Ok, we can disagree on how you get there… So, talking with the Texas Nationalist Movement, TNM, Texas independence… We all want independence, so that shouldn’t be something too extreme to talk about.”

During the 83rd legislature, White filed a concurrent Resolution (HCR 77), a resolution that the representative developed with TNM. It noted the proper relationship between Washington and Texas pursuant to the U.S. and Texas constitutions, noted the many grievances of Texas over Washington’s violation of the Constitution and that relationship, and put Washington on notice that Texas is a sovereign state and has the right to leave the Union for such violations of the “‘right of  local self-government.’” And though the wording had changed somewhat from what was originally planned, James defended the resolution, saying it was entirely consistent with the founding fathers.

In discussing the future for TNM advocacy, White noted:

“I just wanted to thank y’all! Because of your movement, because of what you do… there’s a lot of bad stuff, and you may not believe this, but you have to. There’s a lot of stuff that y’all stop. And the reason that bad stuff is stopped is because members of the legislature know that they have to come back home and look at you. They have to face you. So, because you are always willing to test the frontiers, to test the limits of true freedom and ultimate Liberty, you are also able to stop a lot of stuff.”

Additionally, White touted the organization’s renown and thus ability to flex its muscles on a whole variety of legislative objectives, such as with preserving the Alamo. “When you look at all of those issues, they do point to an ultimate aim, that is state sovereignty.”

You can watch the entire session below.


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