Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, has released the following statement on the results of the Presidential election.

The election results are in and Donald Trump will be the new President of the United States. A previously silent mass of people have sent a message about their anger and disgust with the political class and the Federal bureaucracy. The people want solutions. But a message is not a fix.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is not a reaction to a politician, political party or a policy. We are here to see to it that the people of Texas have the final say in how we are governed. We will wake up tomorrow and do exactly what we did every day since our inception because nothing has substantially changed in the inequitable relationship between Texas and the Federal system.

There will be a new President, but the Congress that rubber-stamped horrible governance is still in place and virtually unchanged. There will still be hundreds of thousands of pages of Federal laws, rules, and regulations, administered by hundreds of Federal agencies and 2.5 million unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats that will continue to be the real power. The Federal debt is still going to climb over $20 trillion and deficit spending will continue unabated. Our currency will continue to be regulated merely by the speed of the printing press.

The people of Texas will still hold elections and our representatives will try to govern. And those laws will continue to be overturned by a Federal judiciary that is unelected and openly hostile to the concepts of individual rights, state sovereignty and the right of self-government. And all the while we will continue to overpay $120-$160 billion a year into a Federal system that either cannot or will not address the major concerns of Texans.

We know that many Texans cast their votes out of fear of a Clinton presidency. We know that many cast their votes to send a message or to shake up the system. We know that over 6 million Texans didn’t think that this election would change a single thing and made the decision to sit it out. We also acknowledge those that could not, as a matter of conscience or principle, cast their votes for either candidate offered up by the major parties.

To all of these, we offer a home and a real choice. The Texas Nationalist Movement is here for you, to work with you, and to show you the prosperity and promise of an independent Texas. We are closer to a Brexit-style vote than ever before and we want you to be a part of making it happen.

I would also offer this warning to the political class in Texas. Specifically, to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and every member of the Texas House and Senate. The political class did not listen to the people and they paid the price. The people of Texas have stated emphatically and repeatedly that they want a full and open debate on Texas leaving the union and a binding vote on the issue. And they want the bill making it happen passed in this session. Do not ignore them or they will most assuredly send you a message in 2018.

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