TNM on Parler: The Journey to Independence and Free Speech Continues


TNM on Parler: The Journey to Independence and Free Speech Continues

Oppressing the voice of reason, the sentiment of the people, and growing awareness has always been the tool of tyranny. It has been repeated so many times in history that every revolutionary, be it a group or an individual, is subconsciously prepared for it. 

But with the advent of technology, the oppression of free speech has evolved and contaminated the very platforms and outlets that were supposed to promote free speech. The TNM learned this truth when a silent digital war was declared on us by major social media platforms in 2016, and continues to this day. 

As clever as the oppressive techniques might be, they will never be potent enough to silence our voice. When we are stonewalled at one front; we will open another.

We are proud to inform you that you can now connect with us on Parler – A social media platform that promises to be a strong proponent and ally of free speech. It’s already a favorite of the individuals and groups that are sick of “well-intended” censorship and the content ban policies of mainstream social networking platforms, and as free citizens, relish the chance of saying what needs to be said.

If you found it hard to connect with us on our other platforms or were disconnected from us because of the platforms’ interference, join us on Parler. You will be able to connect with other like-minded individuals and us, without “digital police” infringing on our right to free speech.

It’s time for Texans to come together for a better future. 

TNM’s Parler Handle: @texasnatmov

TNM President’s Parler Handle: @thetexiandm

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