The following is a statement of congratulations from Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller to Texas Boys State on their recent vote for Texas independence.

I want to extend my sincere congratulations to the participants of this year’s Texas Boys State on their vote for the independence of Texas.

As future leaders of Texas, you had the courage to tackle a subject that too many adults in Texas government will not. After a healthy debate, each of you weighed the pros and cons and made a firm, unashamed decision to choose a future of promise over the politics of fear.

I encourage each of you to continue your trajectory into public service. The TNM will continue to work to give you the opportunity to have a real debate and a real vote on the issue alongside all of your fellow Texans. When that day comes, they can look to you as an example of how true Texans face difficult decisions.

You can read more about the debate and vote at Boys State at this link:

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