TNM President Details Petition and Candidate Strategy

While the state legislators remain asleep on the issue of TEXIT, they are about to get a HUGE wake-up call. 

The Texas Nationalist Movement is doing what the legislature failed to do. The Texas House of Representatives failed by allowing HB1359 to die in committee, all the while hoping that TEXIT supporters would go away. What they didn’t know is that the TNM had a backup plan to ensure the voices of Texans would be heard on the issue of Texas independence. 

As promised, the TNM is working hard to get a TEXIT referendum put on the ballot in the 2022 primary ballot (in accordance with the Texas Election Code, Sec. 172.008). In addition, there will be a Pro-TEXIT challenger on that very same ballot for every single state legislator that did not sign on to HB1359. So far, the TNM has gathered over 40 potential candidates. 

There were basically 6 heroes of Texas in the legislature: Kyle Biedermann, James White, Steve Toth, Bryan Slaton, Phil Stephenson, and Jeff Cason of the House. (There are also one senator that came out in support of HB1359.) While these incumbents will continue to receive the support of TEXITeers, all others will have challengers in the 2022 Republican Primary, including the governor.  Abbott is already trying to appease the people with Facebook and Twitter posts stating how he wrote a letter to the federal government confirming our 10th Amendment States’ Rights. But that isn’t enough. 

They didn’t care what you thought then, but they’re going to start caring what you think now! The time has never been so ripe for flooding the state government with TEXIT supporters. 

This is the year for redistricting. Special sessions will need to be scheduled to deal with the redistricting. This process almost always favors challengers, as court challenges will delay primaries. Maps change things, and all positions will be up for grabs. 

Meanwhile, the TNM is collecting signatures to place a referendum on that very same ballot. The lege council actually changed the wording on the referendum. The TNM’s plan doesn’t call for a committee to study the TEXIT issue but places the actual TEXIT question on the ballot. While HB1359 would have opened up research on the ‘how’ of TEXIT, the current rewording is now the equivalent of “let’s just do it” or “let’s not do it.” 

And remember, the TNM is making sure there will be people sitting in the state government offices willing to GET TEXIT DONE when the people vote “FOR”. The referendum only needs a simple majority to win. With the recent crisis on the southern border being encouraged and the safety of citizens ignored, voting fraud being practically legalized, and gun rights taken away, one can be assured that this number has only grown in recent months. So, although the petition is critical, it is only one cannon in the artillery shed.  

As the TNM collects signatures to place TEXIT on the primary ballot and gathers challengers to members of the legislature who stood against a TEXIT vote, perhaps Governor Abbott will finally start to worry about his poll numbers and add HB1359 to the special session in September, hoping to keep his job. 

This may be the rarest political alignment of planets:

  1. The Governor has multiple challengers.
  2. Redistricting will be an issue.
  3. Special sessions will need to be called.
  4. Pro-TEXIT challengers will be campaigning to replace every deadbeat legislator.
  5. Petition for TEXIT will place the TEXIT question on the primary ballot and the TEXIT campaign will continue to gain support.

What the TNM is doing has never been done before. If successful, this strategy will be taught in universities across the nation.  

The window is wide, and the path is clear. This opportunity will not come around again. The battleground has been laid out before us. This is our SAN JACINTO moment! There is no opportunity to be passive or compromise. You must get involved! There are numerous ways for everyone to help GET TEXIT DONE! 

What You Can Do To Help

  1. Spread the word by social media or face-to-face.
  2. Sign the petition.
  3. Become a Certified Petition Circulator and collect signatures.
  4. If you are a notary, volunteer your services to notarize petition submissions. 
  5. Continue to call Greg Abbott and tell him you want HB1359 put on the agenda for the special session in September. 

To become a supporter of the TNM, go to

For information on TEXIT, visit

For all things petition-related, visit

TNM President Daniel Miller lays out the combined petition/candidate strategy.

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