TNM President Takes on Media over Catalonia and Russia

TNM President Takes on Media over Catalonia and Russia

While calling out the media for their coverage of the independence movement in Catalonia, President of the TNM Daniel Miller also dropped a bombshell about the media’s coverage of the Russian Facebook scandal and its connection to Texas.

RagingElephantsRadio host Claver Kamau-Imani asked Miller for updates on the situation in Catalonia. While discussing the media’s attempt to skew the level of support among Catalans for remaining in Spain, Miller revealed that the TNM been fielding as many media requests about the current Russia Facebook scandal from the media as they have questions about the situation in Catalonia.

In the ensuing exchange, Miller explained why the media is working to connect the TNM to the scandal, what really happened between the TNM and “Heart of Texas” Facebook page, and how the TNM is dealing with the situation.

The clip from the interview is below. Miller is a featured contributor every Tuesday at 1pm on RagingElephantsRadio.

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