TNM Recognizes Roger Evans

TNM Recognizes Roger Evans

TNM President Daniel Miller spoke to the Southeast Texas Tea Party this Monday in Beaumont Texas. While most of the talk was in promotion of his forthcoming book release of Texit: Why and How Texas Will Leave the Union, Daniel used the opportunity to honor one of TNM’s own: Roger Evans.

Daniel already new that Roger would be at the event, and it was agreed beforehand that it was time to pay tribute to one of the Texas Nationalist Movement’s most ardent supporters. Roger has been a contributing member to TNM for many years, and he has a reputation for making the case for Texas independence to whomever will listen. Even when he suffered severe damage to his home after Hurricane Harvey, Roger never missed his regular Contribution. And so, after finishing his talk, Daniel surprised Roger by recognizing him in the crowd, calling him up to the podium, and presenting him with a small statuette replica of sculptor Craig Campobella’s Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park statue, The Texian.

The presentation was an emotional event, greeted by much applause in a fitting tribute to a loyal soldier of Texas. When Texas reclaims her independence, one day, it will be because of supporters such as Roger Evans.

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