The Texas Nationalist Movement wishes to take a moment to show appreciation to our Director of Organizational Development, Regina Ross-Cowan.

Not only is Regina the Director of Organizational Development for the TNM, she was also the DeWitt County Chairman for the Republican Party until recently stepping down for health reasons.

DeWitt County saw major accomplishments under her leadership. Some of these accomplishments include replacing a SREC committee member who was opposed to Texas independence; getting a debate and vote about adding Texas independence as a party plank to the convention floor amidst massive opposition; support for James Dickey to replace Tom Mechler as State Chairman. Under Regina’s leadership, DeWitt was the second county to pass a vote of no confidence in Speaker Joe Straus.

Regina says that, even though she was Chairperson, these accomplishments were made possible by the many outstanding people working with and around her and she says, “I will be forever grateful.” Her experience taught her lessons that will last a lifetime, not only in politics, but also in friendship and “snakes in the grass.”

Regina said, “I was surprised, though I should not have been, to see that there is a lot of support for Texas independence within the party.” Support for a Texas Independence referendum was unanimously passed with no debate at the DeWitt County Convention. While attending meetings statewide, Regina met people who have learned that the TNM is not a fringe group and support for the TNM and independence in general is growing daily inside of the Republican Party. Much of this growth is attributed to educating party officials on the viability and necessity of independence and the TNM’s role in making it happen. People are learning through their journey of understanding that the TNM supports the right of self-government; particularly a government that is controlled by Texians for Texians.

When asked if she would also be stepping away from activities with the TNM, Regina responded, “Although my health has prevented me from continuing the duties of Republican County Chair, I will continue to fight and give every bit of effort I can to the TNM, Texas and our independence. I may be down, but I’m not out just yet.”

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