With the announcement of the resignation of the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Tom Mechler, the TNM main office has been flooded with inquiries from members of the Texas Nationalist Movement who are also members of the Republican Party asking for our thoughts on who should replace him.

While the answer to this question may seem relevant only to those who consider themselves Republicans, there are some facts to consider. The Texas Nationalist Movement is a non-partisan organization. However, a full third of our mission is political in nature and the Republican Party is the dominant party in Texas. Every statewide office plus a majority of seats in both houses of the Texas Legislature are held by Republicans. It is within that context that we must operate to uphold our mission. That includes the economic and cultural aspects of our mission, as well as the political.

It is easy to understand this when you have seen that opposition to the TNM has been rooted at the highest levels of the Republican Party of Texas and has served to bolster the opposition to our mission within the state government. In short, the TNM, albeit non-partisan, has a vested interest in the outcome of the Chairman’s race.

To answer the question for our supporters it was necessary to answer one question – which candidate will provide a fair system to allow the voice of our members within the party to be heard and acted upon?

This was not easy. Our supporters in the Republican Party have been insulted, cheated, slandered, and treated like aberrations by the outgoing Chairman. Therefore, we needed to do our due diligence and engage the candidates in such as way as to leave no doubt that, if elected as Chairman, they would not “put their thumb on the scale” but instead act as an impartial arbiter, facilitator, and bridge builder. They would have to be a person who may or may not believe that Texas should become an independent nation, but at the end of the day they would leave it to the will of the body and would then advocate for their position, no matter the outcome.

After a thorough examination of both declared candidates for that position, we believe that man is James Dickey. We can confidently say that James is a fair leader and will work with TNM supporters in the party to give them a voice.

We look forward to working with a Republican Party of Texas with James at the helm and look forward to the day when the Republican Party becomes the second political party in Texas calling for a referendum on Texas independence.

To all of our supporters who have contacted us regarding this issue, we say this. We have done our part as an organization to thoroughly examine the choices. It is up to you to contact your representatives on the SREC to voice your support. You can contact your reps using the contact information at this link: https://www.texasgop.org/leadership-directory/state-republican-executive-committee/

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