The Texas Nationalist Movement has released its second legislative endorsement of this session and it’s one that hits at the very heart of our mission.

Currently members of the Texas military forces who serve in the Texas State Guard are ineligible for Veterans’ Land Board benefits despite their service to Texas. House Bill 206 amends the law to include a person who has at least 15 years of active or reserve state military service as a member of the Texas State Guard and who meets certain Texas residency requirements among the persons defined as a “veteran” for purposes of provisions relating to the Veterans’ Land Board.

In commenting on the endorsement, TNM President Daniel Miller stated:

We are extremely proud to get behind this significant piece of legislation. While it may come as a surprise to some that Texas has its own military forces, it has never left the minds of Texas Nationalists. This piece of legislation corrects a serious wrong in the current statute where service by members of the Texas Military Forces is treated unequally. Much like we were driven in our desire to see Texas Independence Day and San Jacinto Day statutorily recognized alongside July 4th, we believe that the men and women of the Texas Military Forces, the future backbone of the military of an independent Texas, deserve the same respect. That is why we are 100% behind the passage of HB 206.

This bill has been passed out of the House Committee on Defense and Veterans’ Affairs.

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