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TNM Takes #Texit To Europe This Week
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The Texas Nationalist Movement is very much in demand these days, even on the international stage. Right now, TNM’s Executive Director Nate Smith is on his way to Europe, initially invited by the France’s Republican Popular Union (UPR), there to meet with several continental independence organizations.

First, Nate Smith is off to England to meet with UKIP representative George Konstantinidis. The two will discuss the successful Brexit vote, progress made towards UK independence since then, and also new efforts to lead Greece out of the EU.

Following his meeting in the UK, Smith crosses the channel for a forum at the Abbaye de Reigny with the Union Populaire Républicaine. This UPR roundtable will feature debate and discussion on a possible Frexit for France from the EU as well as perspectives on Brexit, but will also cover TNM’s efforts in pursuing a Texit from the USA. Featured there will be Brian Denny of Trade Unionists Against the EU (TUAEU); Anthony Coughlan, the Secretary of The National Platform for EU Research and Information Centre; and Pierre Lévy, the French philosopher, cultural theorist and media scholar.

Lastly, Smith is scheduled to meet with representatives of a Catalonian independence organization in regards to separating Catalonia from Spain.

This Euro-trip for independence is a welcome opportunity for cross-cultural learning and solidarity with some Europe’s prominent independence organizations. TNM greatly appreciates that our opinion is valued by our liberty-minded friends in Europe, and we are eager to offer our advice and perspective on the right of self-determination and peaceful independence.

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