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TNM Taking Texit Message To Frexit Advocates
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< }}” alt=”texit-frexit.png” width=”350″ />The TNM is once again taking the message of self-determination for Texas to a European audience.

The French political party, Union Populaire Républicaine (UPR) has invited representatives from the Texas Nationalist Movement to participate in their Autumn University at Reigny Abbey in France.

The event will be a roundtable discussion of Frexit, Brexit and Texit, the terms being used for France, Britain and Texas reasserting their status as independent nations.

The event will be held on 15th and 16th of October. TNM Executive Director Nate Smith is expected to attend representing the organization.

TNM President Daniel Miller expressed appreciation for the invitation.

“I am grateful that the people of France have an interest in the steps we are taking to reassert our right of self-government. Texas and France have a long history and we are appreciative to begin a dialog over our respective struggles for self-determination.”

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