TNM’s Governor’s Race Virtual Town Hall This Sunday

TNM’s Governor’s Race Virtual Town Hall This Sunday

Here’s your chance to see Governor Greg Abbott’s three major contenders for the GOP nomination in one place from the comfort of your own home.

The Texas Nationalist Movement has over 420,000 registered supporters and counting, and they are tired of being ignored and trivialized by establishment politicians. Three new candidates for Texas Governor appear to be ready to listen to the people: Allen West, Chad Prather, and Don Huffines. They have all accepted the invitation to participate in a Virtual Town Hall this Sunday, November 7, moderated by Daniel Miller, President of TNM and candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

By agreeing to participate in this event, they are acknowledging their willingness to hear the voices of the 420,000+ supporters of the TNM. All three men support your right to vote on TEXIT and have signed the TEXIT petition.

Governor Abbott is the only candidate that has not signed the petition. He does not want your voice to be heard on TEXIT. He is also the only one who refuses to participate in the town hall on Sunday.

As Texans, we are used to being disregarded by a self-serving, overreaching federal government. But even more so, the people of Texas are starting to realize that our own state leaders have become deaf to the voices of the people.

While Governor Abbott has talked a good game in 2021, it is not a surprise that he is facing credible primary challengers for the first time in his career. He did not stand up for the constitutional rights of Texans during the crisis of 2020. Houses of worship and businesses were closed, and individual rights were violated.

All three gubernatorial challengers were recently present at a debate hosted by the Trinity Conservatives Coalition last Thursday. West, Huffines, and Prather all sat with a moderator in front of an audience and answered questions about their views on important issues. The TNM’s town hall format should give them a more relaxed venue to share their views, while Abbott’s absence will allow more time for Texans to hear from the challengers.  

The question of TEXIT did come up at the end of their first forum, but you can be sure that TEXIT will play a central role in this Sunday’s town hall.   

Hear more this Sunday, November 7th, from 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the TNM Governor Candidate Virtual Townhall

Come join the TEXIT movement with like-minded Texans. 

Get involved by signing the petition and becoming a Certified Petition Circulator to make a vote on Texas Independence a reality in 2022.

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