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TNM’s List of 2020 Primary Endorsements
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The Texas Nationalist Movement is proud to put its seal of approval on these candidates. Congratulations to the candidates who made the cut and our gratitude to all of our members who participated in the process.

To say that the TNM’s endorsement process is difficult would be an understatement. Candidates must first submit a comprehensive survey. Then they are vetted and placed before the entire membership who vote on whether or not they should receive the TNM’s endorsement.

Below is the list of candidates chosen by our membership to receive the TNM’s endorsement. We encourage all of our supporters to get behind these candidates by donating to their campaigns, volunteering for their election, and casting a vote for them if appropriate.

Gregory Gates

Candidate for Sheriff (Parker County)

About Me


Born in Baird Texas, I have always called Texas my home and consider Texans my extended family. Along with my 3 sisters and 1 brother (a career law enforcement officer with the US Marshall's office), I considered a career in law enforcement from an early age. It was however, only after I had built three successful businesses that spanned the past 30 years that the calling became real and has lead me to spearhead the campaign you are supporting today. I have always believed in fairness and balanced that with a strong conviction for what is right and just. Your safety however, is my primary concern and our children's safety is at the top of my agenda and my promise to the citizens of Parker County.


Family is at the center of my life! I am happily married to my wonderful wife, mother, and best friend of 36 years. She works at a local hospital and loves what she does. Our lives revolve around the 5 children we were blessed to have fostered and the two we adopted 10 years ago. We spend most of our time with family and friends and enjoy an active lifestyle. Our family is very spiritually centered and our beliefs have shaped us into the loving family unit we are today. As a monthly partner for many years with the St. Jude foundation, I believe life is about others, not self and that serving others is my life's purpose.


I promise as your Sheriff, my integrity, vision, and my purpose, will remain steadfast, and will always be for the safety and in the best interest of the citizens of Parker County. This will be reflected in the professionalism of the men and women of the Parker County Sheriff’s Department. Service is about you, not about me or my personal or political aspirations.

Why are you running for office?

I want to change the way our county officials fiscally waist the tax payers money. Our 81 year old sheriff has turned over our jail facility to La Lasalle corrections, A for profit Corporation from Louisiana, Since 2015 we have had three brutal deaths in our Parker County jail. One from blunt force trauma to the neck and head ,The other from being pepper sprayed in the face as untrained La Salle officer put all the weight of four officers on his back. This is on YOU TUBE Video for all to see, as he begged for his life , The La Salle staff is totally untrained till after one FULL year on the job. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE to me, our UNTRAINED jail staff as he was turning BLUE put him in a cell TOTALLY unresponsive and locked the cell, And WATCHED HIM PASS AWAY. Go to YOU TUBE to see the video of Andy DeBusk death, Our sheriff has totally lost control of the facility and distanced himself from any responsibilities. I find this totally unacceptable. There are MANY other problems, two many to report on with this Small platform. Also I've tried to get a meeting with him for 4 years only to be turned away by his staff that has taken over his duty due to health, DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT, Even being uncappable to run the department he is seeking another term. I truly think this County is in DEEP trouble and without change, We will be in a very BAD situation in the next four years as the staff is doing his job with no over sight of their own duty's. Also our department is under federal investigation for not paying our personnel the minimum pay level for housing federal prisoners that the La Salle corporation has packed our facility with to MAXIMIZE their profit. I Truly think if we do not make a change in our County there will be more unnecessary DEATHS and more bad decisions made from the untrained, non duly sworn or trained officials personnel running the for profit facility. As I stated in my opening statement our sheriff is 81 years old and physically unable to due his job.

How do you feel about the core principles and mission of the TNM?
Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
Texas is a nation with a distinct culture, economy and government.
Texas should always be politically, culturally, and economically independent.
The basic political building block of Texas is the individual.
The basic economic building block of Texas is the entrepreneur.
The basic cultural building block of Texas is the family.
Texans should have the ability to engage in the full enjoyment of their natural rights.
The interests of Texas supersede the interests of all other nations and states.
The power to determine Texas's political, cultural, and economic destiny should reside solely in the hands of the Texan people.
Texas's unique history serves as the foundation for our current and future greatness.
There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by the individual initiative and collective will of Texans.
Texas would be better off as an independent nation.
Texas should become an independent nation.
Texans should be able to vote on becoming an independent nation.
Why should supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement support your candidacy?

I'M a life long Texas resident that only wants what is good for TEXANS.
I firmly believe Texans should come first in our democracy. LET the other states do as they please, but don't tread on my beliefs I respect THE authority of our democracy here in TEXAS. TEXAS FIRST Leave the other states to their own path of destruction..

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