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TNM’s List of 2020 Primary Endorsements
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The Texas Nationalist Movement is proud to put its seal of approval on these candidates. Congratulations to the candidates who made the cut and our gratitude to all of our members who participated in the process.

To say that the TNM’s endorsement process is difficult would be an understatement. Candidates must first submit a comprehensive survey. Then they are vetted and placed before the entire membership who vote on whether or not they should receive the TNM’s endorsement.

Below is the list of candidates chosen by our membership to receive the TNM’s endorsement. We encourage all of our supporters to get behind these candidates by donating to their campaigns, volunteering for their election, and casting a vote for them if appropriate.

Claver Kamau-Imani

Candidate for State Representative (House District 138)

About Me

Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani is the president & CEO of, a digital media company founded in 2013.

Claver has lived in House District 138 since 1997 and is a 5th generation Texan. Claver and the former Barbara McDonald were married on August 31, 2019. Together they are raising her beautiful daughter Jasmine. Claver and Barbara are proud to be new homeschoolers. (RER) is a Texas-centric news company with an admitted bias toward liberty. Audio streaming news and commentary 24/7, is the first-of-its-kind information service. Claver hosts a nightly political talk show, as well.

The precursor to RER was Claver’s The primary mission was to grow the conservative voting base through racial diversity – to challenge voters of color to vote their conservative, Judeo-Christian values. It was created to be an advocate of conservative-libertarian social, economic and political issues, to influence office holders, and to educate and organize the electorate. was a counterweight to liberal organizations like MoveOn, Emily’s List, and Organizing for America. After initially establishing a multi-state operational footprint in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Maryland, California, Rhode Island, and other states, decided to focus all of its efforts and resources solely in Texas.

Claver was the founder and former senior pastor of the Corinthian Christian Empowerment Center (CCEC) in Houston, Texas.

CCEC’s primary ministry was urban missionary work and assisted living. As Christian community, CCEC housed the homeless, the addicted, those escaping the sex industry, those recently released from incarceration, and the mildly mentally ill. CCEC also established a hospice for the poor where they were cared for, loved, and possibly expire in an atmosphere of dignity.

Claver grew up in Beaumont, Texas within a home of politics and civil rights. Both of his parents were active leaders in Democratic Party politics, the civil rights movement, and the Missionary Baptist Church. His first assignment in political activism was at nine years old when his parents instructed him on how to do voter registration in the housing projects of Beaumont after Sunday church service. Claver has been a political activist for over 40 years.

Claver earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Lamar University.

Why are you running for office?

I didn't plan on running for this office, or any other public office in my lifetime. When this seat was announced as open with the retirement of the incumbent, I received numerous calls from friends and political allies to run for the HD138 seat.

After seeking the counsel of over 50 friends, political allies, and family, I was persuaded to indeed seek this office, and try work my hardest for victory. In fact, Texas Right to Life asked me to run for the seat and endorsed my candidacy before I officially announced.

I immediately turned my attention to advocating for the advancement of the Texas GOP Platform, with a special focus on the legislative priorities.

If elected and sworn into office, my work will be single-minded: to advance the principles of life, liberty, and prosperity for all Texans.

How do you feel about the core principles and mission of the TNM?
Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
Texas is a nation with a distinct culture, economy and government.
Texas should always be politically, culturally, and economically independent.
The basic political building block of Texas is the individual.
The basic economic building block of Texas is the entrepreneur.
The basic cultural building block of Texas is the family.
Texans should have the ability to engage in the full enjoyment of their natural rights.
The interests of Texas supersede the interests of all other nations and states.
The power to determine Texas's political, cultural, and economic destiny should reside solely in the hands of the Texan people.
Texas's unique history serves as the foundation for our current and future greatness.
There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by the individual initiative and collective will of Texans.
Texas would be better off as an independent nation.
Texas should become an independent nation.
Texans should be able to vote on becoming an independent nation.
Why should supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement support your candidacy?

If I am elected an sworn into office, for perhaps the first in the history of the Texas Nationalist Movement there will be a true believer serving in the Texas Legislature.

My election means the guaranteed filing of legislation for the people of Texas to have a binding referendum election on the issue of returning to the status of an independent nation.

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