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TNM’s List of 2020 Primary Endorsements
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The Texas Nationalist Movement is proud to put its seal of approval on these candidates. Congratulations to the candidates who made the cut and our gratitude to all of our members who participated in the process.

To say that the TNM’s endorsement process is difficult would be an understatement. Candidates must first submit a comprehensive survey. Then they are vetted and placed before the entire membership who vote on whether or not they should receive the TNM’s endorsement.

Below is the list of candidates chosen by our membership to receive the TNM’s endorsement. We encourage all of our supporters to get behind these candidates by donating to their campaigns, volunteering for their election, and casting a vote for them if appropriate.

Kellye SoRelle

Candidate for State Representative (60)

About Me

Kellye hopes to give a voice to all voters in Texas House District 60 and will be meeting with the people of Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Eastland, Hood, Palo Pinto, Shackleford and Stephens counties to build a platform that she would take to Austin.


Kellye is currently in private practice Granbury, Texas at the Hyde Law Firm.
From 2011 through 2017, Kellye was an Assistant District Attorney in Cameron County, Texas.


Kellye has been married to Jeremy SoRelle for 17 years and together they have four children: Madeleine, Isabella, Thomas, and Alexia. They reside in Hood County, Texas. Her children attend the Granbury Independent School District. Jeremy SoRelle also works in private practice at the Hyde Law Firm and is the Attorney for the City of Granbury.

Kellye is blessed with a family. Kellye's mother, Kenda McPherson, resides in Junction Texas, where she is the Chief Appraiser for Kimble County. Her grandmother, Jennie Pair a retired school teacher from the Lubbock Independent School District, also resides in Granbury. Her brother and sister in law, Cory and Cristy Crump, are also residents of Hood county with their two boys Noah and Lucas. Kellye's brother served in the US Army and was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the late 2000's. ​

Kellye married into an amazing family. Her second set of parents are Roger and Judy SoRelle, of Cleburne, Texas. Roger SoRelle is a retired peace officer after serving 40 years in law enforcement and Judy SoRelle is employed at an ICE Detention Facility. The other children of Roger and Judy are; Chris and Roxanne Stouffer of Cleburne, Texas, who have two children, Kennedy and Matthew, and Shay and Erika SoRelle of Odessa, Texas who have four children, Jacobi, Avery, Lily and Presley.


Raised in the the Texas panhandle, Kellye graduated from Lubbock High School in 1997. She attended college in Oklahoma and graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law and was licensed in Texas in 2006.

Experience and Achievements:

- CCBA 2017 Prosecutor of the Year

- Border Work Experience

- Granbury Cultural Arts Committee

- Decordova Security and Grievance Committee

- Secretary for Family First Network of Cameron County

- Organizer of the Christmas Party for Foster Kids, Cameron County

- Granbury Cultural Arts Committee

​- Serves on the DeCordova Security and Grievance Committee

- Participates in Town Halls at Tarleton State University

​- Guest Lecturer at Texas Tech University and University of Texas, Brownsville.

Political Views:

Kellye believes in small centralized government, that the voters deserve a voice over special interests with money.

Why are you running for office?

I believe that both the state and the federal government have become overly burdensome. I believe that are constitutional rights have been eroded and I am running for the ordinary everyday person. I am not backed by big money and I am putting the interest of the people first. I have no problem pushing back against the federal government. I am tired of paying my hard earned dollars into a system that has forgotten about me. I support the will of the people, not special interests or the elite.

For the record I had to educate myself regarding your organization.

How do you feel about the core principles and mission of the TNM?
Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
Texas is a nation with a distinct culture, economy and government.
Texas should always be politically, culturally, and economically independent.
The basic political building block of Texas is the individual.
The basic economic building block of Texas is the entrepreneur.
The basic cultural building block of Texas is the family.
Texans should have the ability to engage in the full enjoyment of their natural rights.
The interests of Texas supersede the interests of all other nations and states.
The power to determine Texas's political, cultural, and economic destiny should reside solely in the hands of the Texan people.
Texas's unique history serves as the foundation for our current and future greatness.
There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by the individual initiative and collective will of Texans.
Texas would be better off as an independent nation.
Texas should become an independent nation.
Texans should be able to vote on becoming an independent nation.
Why should supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement support your candidacy?

I understand the problems and I am fully vested in the people and protecting our individual rights. I have serious concerns with the continued push to finance the wealthy and their interests through tax revenue. We have become a nanny state and it is time to push back.

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