Watch This Fiery Response to Senator Jose Rodriguez’s Slander of the TNM

by TNM Staff

Watch This Fiery Response to Senator Jose Rodriguez’s Slander of the TNM

Texas Senator Jose Rodriguez slandered the Texas Nationalist Movement on the floor of the Senate, calling us a “white nationalist” organization. Claver Kamaui-Imani, a leader in the TNM, fired back with a blistering attack on Rodriguez.

During the heated floor debate on Senate Bill 1663, the Monument Protection Bill by Senator Brandon Creighton, Senator Jose Rodriguez decided to focus his opposition on his perception that anyone who would want to protect monuments was racist.

In his questioning of Senator Creighton, Rodriguez attempted to weave a web of deceit to fit his claim of racism. This included referring to the Texas Nationalist Movement, who testified for the bill, as a “white nationalist” organization.

Rodriguez’s hateful slander prompted a demand by TNM President Daniel Miller for a public apology. While every supporter of the TNM shared in the outrage, Claver Kamau-Imani, CEO of RagingElephantsRadio and a leader in the TNM, fired back on his daily radio show.

In an intense and deeply personal response, Kamau-Imani expressed his outrage and ordered an apology from Rodriguez. You can watch it below.

If you find yourself outraged over the slander by Senator Rodriguez against the TNM and you, we encourage you to call his office and demand an apology at (512) 463-0129.

You can also Tweet at him below.

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