Who Is Responsible For The Destruction of Our Historical Monuments?

The Alamo Cenotaph Loophole in SB226

President of the Texas Nationalist Movement Daniel Miller addressed the Spindletop Republican Women’s meeting on June 30. It was a no-holds-barred rebuke of the political establishment that centered around the recent attacks on Texas monuments and history. His remarks left no elected official unscathed.

He connected these threats to our cultural independence to a dysfunctional state government, radical ideologues, and COVID-19. He also calls out, by name, those who are ultimately responsible for eroding our independence.

Watch the video below or scroll down for the full transcript.


I am surprised at the turnout. Given Joe Biden’s declaration since I was last here that 150 million have been killed by gun violence, and 120 million are dead from the Coronavirus, I thought this place might be a ghost town. The upside to that would have been the openings in the workforce to accommodate the 750 million women that his child care tax credit would allegedly put in the workforce. I guess it all balances out.

Pretty sure at this point that anyone who ever referred to TEXIT supporters as “crazy” yet casts a vote for Biden owes us a written apology.

Thank you for the invitation to return and visit with you tonight. Thank you to everyone at the Spindletop Republican Women for having the courage to engage the critical issue of the dangers facing our Alamo and our Texas history.

There has been a great deal that has transpired since the last time we were together. February 26, 2019 seems like a lifetime ago. Since then so much has transpired.

We’ve had a legislative session where the word came down from the “Big Three” that “no controversial measures should make it to the floor.” Consequently, they touted their significant achievements such as property tax relief that never materialized and a Constitutional prohibition on a state income tax in addition to the Constitutional ban on a state income tax that we already had. 

The Republican Speaker of the House was caught orchestrating the targeting of other Republicans in the Primaries out of his office in the Capitol, was investigated for a potential violation of the bribery laws, and was forced to stand down for reelection.

Then there was COVID-19. Based on a fundamentally false data model from Imperial College in the UK, our elected officials here in Texas, taking marching orders from federal bureaucrats, restricted or suspended our rights and decimated our economy for a virus whose effects were advertised to be somewhere between the movies “Outbreak” and “World War Z” but were somewhere between a terrible case of influenza for some and more like being an extra in a Kleenex commercial for nearly everyone else. I should know. I had it.

Our Republican Governor began dispensing executive orders like a perpetual Pez dispenser, quickly surpassing Barack Obama as the “Executive Order King,” all the while usurping the constitutional powers of our elected body of representatives, the Texas Legislature, by refusing to call a special session. This usurpation has been met with silence by the usurped. Most local elected officials have fallen right in line. Businesses are closed down, many never to return. Our right to peaceably assemble is stripped from us under threat of jail time and excessive fines.  

Then came the riots. Cities burned. Businesses were looted. Innocents were assaulted. Then, almost on cue, statues became targets for vandalism and then began to fall. Echoing the Cultural Revolution in communist China, the narrative changed from a demand for justice to a demand that any piece of our history that didn’t fit a narrow, neoliberal worldview be erased from public view. And those same public officials who so easily fell in line over COVID-19, fell in line over this as well. 

Suddenly, it wasn’t only the inconvenient and uncomfortable Confederate monuments that became targets. It was now George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Sam Houston. It was Sul Ross and Fort Hood. It was the blood-soaked grounds of the Alamo and the Cenotaph memorializing those who died there and had no proper grave.

Now that we are all caught up, with your permission, I’d like to do a short recap for those of you who were not here the last time I spoke or who may have forgotten what I said then.

Since 2009, our organization has been engaged in a battle to defend the Alamo. Unknown to most, the Alamo has been under siege from ideologues who want to turn the Alamo into a tourist trap and destroy the meaning of the Alamo. The 1836 battle, which seared the Alamo in the minds of the Texian Army and led them to victory on the plains of San Jacinto, the battle which had fueled the spirit of independence for generations, is to be consciously and purposely minimized. Instead, it will become a small chapter in a 10,000-year history of the site. It will be placed in a new context that denies that the defenders were heroes and says that they were “drunks, slavers, and crooks” who participated in a battle to steal land and expand slavery. 

To this end, several years ago, the General Land Office maneuvered the Texas Legislature, using legislation championed by a Democrat State Senator and supported in near unanimity by Republican legislators, to strip management of the Alamo from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, who saved it from destruction at the turn of the 20th century and had managed it ever since. The General Land Office then gleefully took control and, in conjunction with the radical, progressive Democrats who run the City of San Antonio, began the process of remaking the Alamo in their image. Under the slogan of “Reimagine The Alamo” with the Castro brothers in the lead, they had the Alamo designated as a World Heritage Site placing ultimate authority under UNESCO, a section of the United Nations, and the federal government.

In the 85th Legislative session, there was an opportunity to stop them cold by cutting off the funds they planned to use for this travesty. It almost worked. In the initial budget, all of the funds for the project were removed. However, in the conference committee, the funds mysteriously reappeared and were funded out of the Economic Stabilization Fund, also known as the Rainy Day Fund.

When I spoke with you last, the plans were moving along unabated and our best chance to stop it was the upcoming legislative session. We had an amazing opportunity. Working with legislators in both houses, we helped craft legislation that would have protected the Alamo as well as all of the other historical markers, monuments, and memorials in Texas. It was a comprehensive bill and would have become the gold standard in all states of the United States.

Almost immediately, there were signs of trouble. I was contacted by a friendly State Representative who said that there were issues. Do you remember when I mentioned earlier that word came down from the “Big Three” that they wanted no controversial bills brought to the floor? It just so happens that to Democrats, protecting our history is controversial. And because it is controversial to them, it was deemed controversial by the Republican leadership.

It was a shocking display of appeasement that would have made even Neville Chamberlain uncomfortable.

In short, we would have to fight hard to get the legislation through the process and the chances that it would make it to the finish line were slim. The Alamo defenders didn’t surrender so neither did we.

Senate Bill 1663 made it to the floor of the Senate and was passed after a heated debate. Then it was on to the House, where Chairman John Cyrier pulled the legislative equivalent of a “Flea Flicker” play to get it to the Calendars Committee before time ran out on the session. 

It was there that the bill would die, in a committee with a Republican chairman and a Republican majority.

In the announcement that I made to our supporters about the failure of SB1663 on May 20, 2019, I wrote these words:

“The historical revisionists and cultural Marxists will use the next two years to do as much damage as they possibly can for fear that monument protection will cross the finish line in the next session. The Alamo Cenotaph, statues to Sam Houston, schools named after Travis, Bowie, Crockett, Lamar and even Thomas Jefferson are now in greater danger than before.”

Since then, the plan to “Reimagine The Alamo” has marched on. Next on their to-do list is the removal and relocation of the Cenotaph. This process is likely to cause irreparable harm to the fragile monument, possibly destroying it forever. In short, the destruction started by the rioters is slated to be completed by the State of Texas. If it survives the process, the Cenotaph will be moved to an unsecure location making it susceptible to further vandalism like we saw recently. In fact, one of the proposed relocation sites was actually used as a latrine during the occupation and siege betraying their true feelings about the Alamo dead. 

The Alamo archaeologists are digging at a frantic pace and recovering human remains from the Alamo complex. Yet, they refuse to acknowledge that it is, in fact, a cemetery. They are even refusing to conduct DNA testing on the remains that would confirm that the remains are those of Alamo defenders.

While all of the information that I have given you tonight might be out of the minds of the vast majority of Texans, it is all well-documented and well-known to those who walk the corridors of our state government. In short, they know that the Republican Land Commissioner George P. Bush, in lockstep with radical elements in the San Antonio city government, is rampaging through the Alamo like a bull in a China shop.

Yet, the Governor has been unable to string together two syllables in defense of the Alamo. The Lieutenant Governor decided to speak up, but only after it was too late to take legislative action. The Speaker of the House directly opposed protecting it by purposely slow-walking the bill that would have protected it and guaranteeing its death in the Calendars Committee. Most of the Texas Legislature has remained mute for fear of incurring the wrath of the “Big Three”. 

Only a small, courageous cadre in the Legislature took bold action. Our very own State Senator Brandon Creighton. State Senator Pat Fallon. State Representatives James White, Steve Toth, and Kyle Biedermann. They risked their political futures by taking bold, public stands to protect our history and defy the “Big Three”. 

But what happens now? Was their work in vain? Was our decade long battle for nought? Were the lives given at the Alamo given for nothing? Who is responsible for tragedy?

First, I want to tell you a little about how the TNM works. Our organization has a stated mission stated principles, and guidelines. Everyone who joins our organization has to agree to adhere to all of these. If they don’t, they are removed from the organization. In short, we say that if you are going to stand under our banner, then you must represent yourself in a way that brings credit and not discredit to the banner. After all, we should all be marching in the same direction and should avoid being unequally yoked. This is the way that virtually every organization on the planet works. 

Now, let me read something to you.

“We believe the Alamo should be remembered and not “reimagined.” We believe Texas’s authority regarding the Alamo shall not be infringed upon by any organization or authority, including but not limited to local governments, the federal government, the United Nations, or UNESCO. We demand that the decision-making authority for the Alamo never be removed from Texas, and the custodians of the Alamo be required to: 1) affirm and emphasize the intrinsic significance of the 1836 battle in telling the story of the Alamo, and 2) maintain transparency in finances and operations of the Alamo. Specific protection shall be afforded the site, including all land and existing monuments, including the Cenotaph, which SHALL NOT be moved from its present site.”

Does that sound familiar? It should. It’s Plank 296 of the Republican Party Platform. Those were the instructions given by you to the Republican electeds before the Legislative session started. You told them what you wanted done with the Alamo in clear and unambiguous language. Based on everything that I’ve shared with you tonight, do you believe that these representatives elected under the Republican banner, have followed your instructions?

No. They have acted like a privileged class who believe that you are too daft to exercise good judgement and make decisions for yourselves.

To further underscore the point, a ballot proposition was placed on the Republican Primary ballot that said:

“Texans should protect and preserve all historical monuments, artifacts, and buildings, such as the Alamo Cenotaph and our beloved Alamo, and should oppose any reimagining of the Alamo site.”

97.3% or Republican Primary voters agreed. Yet, the Governor has refused to call a special session to make it happen. Few Representatives and Senators have called on the Governor to do so. Even without the special session, we have seen that the Governor has a new fondness for Executive Orders. However, his pen only seems to work when it comes to depriving Texans of their livelihoods. He could save Chick-Fil-A but not the Alamo.

Your next and possibly final opportunity to be heard on this matter will be at the upcoming State Convention. There you will be met with pleas for unity so that the Democrats can be defeated in November. But what good is a call for unity when the leadership is more concerned with appeasing those same neoliberal Democrats than the grassroots of the party to which they belong and that put them in those positions of power? 

The only way that you can fix this is to be a louder, angrier voice than the opposition. If they cannot see the light, then make them feel the heat. They work for you.

I want to leave you with this. Every time you turn on your TV or look at social media and see another statue being toppled or another page of history being rewritten or ripped out, remember that it could have all been prevented. Men with names like Abbott, Patrick, Bonnen, and all of our elected representatives, could have stood up for men with names like Travis, Crockett, Bowie, Houston, and all of the people that lived and died to make Texas into Texas. They did nothing.

The question now is, “Are you ready to do something about it?” If so, then I’m encouraging you to do three things.

First, join with the TNM and stay connected to this fight. Second, reach out to the Texas Historical Commission and tell them that you opposed moving the Alamo Cenotaph. Finally, this upcoming convention needs to turn into a resounding rebuke to every single elected official who was complicit in allowing this to happen or, in Bush’s case, led the charge for it to happen.

How this goes from here is entirely up to us. Let’s remind them all of Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution that says “all political power is inherent in the people.”

Together, we have the power to fix this. Together, we can right these wrongs. Together, we can win.

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