Today elements of the State Republican Executive Committee conspired to deny you a vote on Texas independence. While those same people may hold pride in their actions, we in the Texas Nationalist Movement condemn their behavior as shameful.

We will be releasing a full list of those who blocked our efforts along with a narrative of key events. But we would like to thank SREC Committeewoman Tanya Robertson for having the courage and moral fortitude to advance our proposition. We would also like to thank those on the SREC who rallied around her and never relented on the belief that, at a minimum, the people of Texas deserve a vote on independence. We ask that you show them your support. They will need every bit of it that you can muster.

Throughout the progress of this resolution, it has been made very clear that there are distinct differences between the leadership in the State’s dominant political party. There are some leaders within the party that know the Texas Constitution and that respond to their constituents. And there are those who do not. It has also become evident that those in control of the process are of the same mindset as the bureaucrats in Washington.

The TNM has shown that there is massive support for Texas independence. Two years ago getting this resolution introduced into the SREC would have been inconceivable. Getting through the Resolution Committee by such an overwhelming vote would have seemed impossible. And no one could have ever imagined being a witness to a livestreamed debate on the issue. But all of those things have happened.

Their victory celebration, however, should be short-lived. While they were able to use threats, intimidation and parliamentary tactics to defeat this resolution, they have not defeated us. The horse is out of the barn. Texans now know that there are actual leaders inside the state’s dominant political party that support Texas independence. Texans now know that Texas independence is not only possible, it is coming.  Texans now know that people who want independence can not only impact the process, but we can dominate the process.

We know that the ultimate goal is getting and winning a binding referendum on Texas independence. We are redoubling our efforts and need our supporters to fully engage this process. With supporters of Texas independence fully committed to this cause we can get and win a binding referendum and see Texas as an independent nation.

In the end, we are not looking at the past. We have our eyes fully fixed on the future and what it will take to secure that future. Independence does not die because a group of high-minded bureaucrats declare it so. It lives because we say that it does and because we work to make it happen.

We encourage you to join us as we continue to engage this fight. Sign, volunteer, contribute, engage.

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