TNM President Daniel Miller struck back at alleged “constitutional law experts” today over the issue of Texas independence.

A recent article on reporting on the filing of a resolution with the state’s SREC on the issue, parroted a long-standing and oft-refuted slander on the constitutionality of self-determination for Texans.

The article states, “Constitutional law experts say Texas cannot simply leave the union because when Texas was re-admitted as a state following the Civil War, it pledged never to leave again.”

Miller’s response is indignant.

“What these ‘experts’ don’t know is that the Texans that made that promise had their fingers crossed behind their backs. Obviously, we don’t know if that’s the case, but we have as much proof for that scenario as they do for the unconstitutionality of Texas independence.”

But, according to Miller, their statements alone betray how ridiculous their assertions are.

“These so-called experts can’t get their story straight. They refer to an extra-constitutional pledge that is not a part of any constitutional law. They say that Texas was ‘re-admitted’ to the union only because they made this pledge, but go on to use as evidence a debunked Supreme Court case that said Texas never left the union in the first place.”

The generally unnamed “constitutional law experts” also seem to conveniently ignore the legal “elephant in the room.” After Texas re-admission into the union, Texas passed a constitution that included, not one but, two reaffirmations of Texas’ independent and sovereign nature as well as a recognition of the right of the people of Texas, and the people of Texas alone, to determine our political destiny.

“Sections 1 and 2 of the Texas Bill of Rights are clear on the matter. And when coupled with the absence of any statement on the issue in the Federal constitution and the 10th Amendment to that constitution reserving that power for the State and the people of Texas, we are on solid legal footing.”

Miller’s parting shot is directed at these “experts.”

“Take out your Federal constitution and point to the specific prohibition against a state leaving the political union. It’s time to put up or shut up.”

You can read the original WOAI story here:

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