< }}” alt=”Handcuff_1_.jpg” width=”300″ />While the Texas Nationalist Movement is facing logistical hurdles that are common for petition campaigns, there is one unexpected obstacle that could eventually play out in criminal courts throughout Texas over the next few months.

Part of the legal requirements for the TNM’s petition campaign to place a vote for independence on the ballot in March requires each circulator to take an oath that they followed the law in collecting the signatures. This is typically done in front of one of the thousands of Notary Public’s throughout Texas.

However, reports are coming in to TNM HQ that notaries are refusing to notarize the petition forms as they are or are flatly refusing to serve our petition circulators.

In one incident, the notary threatened to call the police on one of our circulators. Others have been less confrontational but service was still refused.

This, according to Texas law, is a crime.

In response to these reports TNM’s Petition Coordinator, Gayle Wilkerson, reached out to the Texas Secretary of State’s office for direction. Their response was clear.

“Collect the names of the notaries that are refusing service and report them to us. This is a criminal act.”

This week, Wilkerson will direct the TNM’s 410 Certified Petition Circulators to do just that.

TNM President Daniel Miller summed up the challenge in this way.

“We have, perhaps, thousands of signatures that are stuck in the field because our volunteers can’t legally finalize the petition forms for no other reason than public servants are breaking the law. That comes to a stop today. We will be instructing our volunteers to collect the names of any notary that refuses to administer the petition oath or creates any impediment to them in any way and we will file formal, criminal complaints on each of them. And if their actions cause us to miss the petition deadline, we’ll consider civil action as well. Enough is enough.”


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