< }}” alt=”miller-on-mic-fb.jpg” width=”250″ />It seems that the President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller, is ready to for a debate.

In a Facebook post (http://facebook.com/thetexiandm) yesterday, Miller took aim directly at Texas Republican Party Chairman Tom Mechler.

I have to honestly say that I would love to publicly debate RPT chair Tom Mechler on an IN/OUT vote on Texas independence. I believe the people of Texas would really enjoy watching him try to put me “in my place”.

The post references a behind-the-scenes battle that has been brewing since the December 2015 meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee where Mechler worked overtime to defeat a measure that would have put a resolution calling for Texas independence on the Super Tuesday ballot.

This post was followed up with a series of Tweets at Texas GOP officials, specifically at Mechler and SREC member and Abbott policy adviser Mike Goldman.

Whether Mechler or Goldman take up the debate challenge remains to be seen. But Miller wanted to assure Mechler that pro-independence supporters inside the RPT weren’t going anywhere.

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