< }}” alt=”tell-a-texan_(1).jpg” width=”250″ height=”250″ />While the media was focused on the Presidential circus, the real winners of the night were supporters of Texas independence.

It’s taken a few days to gather receive and confirm information from all over Texas, it’s safe to say that the Texas Nationalist Movement had a big night.

Pro-independence supporters took precinct chairmanships, county chairmanships, and other elected offices up and down the ballot.

The Texas Independence Resolution was introduced and passed in a massive number of precincts all over Texas and shows every sign of passing several County/SD conventions and going the distance to the Republican Party State Convention.

Daniel Miller, President of the TNM, had this to say about the night.

“We had a big night, but it’s not over. Supporters of Texas independence cannot let up. We’ve still got some precinct conventions that will be held on Saturday. We’ve got delegates to the RPT’s county and senatorial district conventions that will be fighting to advance the independence resolution. We are closer than we have ever been to a vote on independence and we don’t have time to relax.”

The reception of the Texas Independence Resolution was beyond expectation according to Miller.

“Nearly every report came in that it was passed unanimously or near unanimously from the precinct conventions. We even had one report that once it was read aloud in its entirety, the attendees gave it a standing ovation.”

The remaining batch of precinct conventions will be held this Saturday with the County/SD conventions being held later in the month.

You can download a copy of the resolution and find out more about the convention process at http://thetnm.org/rpt_pct.

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