< }}” alt=”petition-article-img.png” width=”250″ />During this petition campaign to give Texans an opportunity to vote on Texas independence, our main challenge has never been in finding support. The challenge has been one purely of logistics.

Achieving victory in this campaign has been about having enough supporters do their part by becoming volunteers to connect with our supporters all over Texas to guide them through an antiquated and difficult legal process to gather the signatures.

Although we are still processing forms and these numbers are not final, between the forms that have been processed, forms that have been submitted but haven’t been processed, signatures reported still in the hands of circulators, and self-service signature pledges that haven’t made it to the office yet, we estimate that we are approximately 75% of our way to the goal.

Therefore, we are extending our deadline for receiving petition forms to December 12th so that our supporters can have the maximum amount of time to get this done.

  • We need everyone who still has signatures to get them submitted quickly.

  • We need every supporter, who has not already signed the petition, to use the self-service option, sign the petition, gather 3 or more additional signatures, get the form notarized, and send it in.

  • If you have already signed the petition, we ask that you either download the petition form (choose the self-service option) and help us collect a few signatures, or direct people to the petition form on the site and help them get it signed and sent it.

Don’t let up, don’t delay and absolutely do not leave it up to others. Do your part and we can hit our goal.

This may just be a step in the larger campaign to getting and winning a binding referendum, it’s still a step that it would be helpful to take.

With your help, we can do this.

As we prepare for the next phase of the campaign to win Texas independence, we are going to need a massive number of supporters to become volunteers to help us with the task of connecting with ‘yes’ voters in towns and cities throughout Texas. Go here and become a part of the solution. http://thetnm.org/volunteer

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