The endorsement process for the 2018 election cycle is well underway here at the Texas Nationalist Movement. The window, however, is closing for candidates seeking our endorsement while the door has already firmly shut for some.

We have had Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian candidates at every level from all over Texas begin the process by taking the candidate survey. The survey responses are already being compiled for the next phase and will be made available for review on January 15th.

We are still missing surveys or responses from a large number of candidates. While the delay may be due to the holidays, we’ll be sending another invitation to these candidates this week. If no response is received by January 13th these candidates will be added to the list of candidates who refused to answer the survey. All refusals will be treated as a complete rejection of the TNM’s mission and principles and we will advise our supporters to vote accordingly.

Below is a current list of candidates who have directly refused to take the survey:

Constable Pct.3 (Young) – Larry Thacker [REP] County Clerk (Comal) – Gloria Meehan [DEM] County Clerk (Wilbarger) – Jana Kennon [REP] County Commissioner Pct.2 (Cherokee) – Freddy Johnson [REP] County Commissioner Pct.2 (Comal) – Scott Haag [REP] County Commissioner Pct.2 (McLennan) – Donis “D.L.” Wilson [REP] County Commissioner Pct.2 (Real) – Shawn Streib Gray [REP] County Commissioner Pct.2 (Winkler) – Robbie Wolf [REP] County Commissioner Pct.4 (Denton) – Bryan C. Webb [DEM] County Commissioner Pct.4 (Jasper) – Vance Moss [REP] County Commissioner Pct.4 (Montague) – Bob Langford [REP] County Commissioner Pct.4 (Walker) – Jimmy D. Henry [REP] County Judge (Anderson) – Robert D. Johnston [REP] County Judge (Armstrong) – Martha Jo Roberts [REP] County Judge (Calhoun) – Richard Meyer [REP] County Judge (Mason) – Jerry Bearden [REP] County Judge (Titus) – Brian Lee [REP] County Judge (Ward) – Greg Holly [REP] District Clerk (Robertson) – Barbara M. Axtell [REP] District Judge, 117th Judicial District (Nueces) – Sandra Watts [DEM] District Judge, 204th Judicial District (Dallas) – Stephen Duplantis [DEM] District Judge, 230th Judicial District (Harris) – Chris Morton [DEM] District Judge, 250th Judicial District (Travis) – Karin Crump [DEM] District Judge, Judicial District 1A (Jasper) – Delinda Gibbs-Walker [REP] Judge, County Court-at-Law (Midland) – Kyle Peeler [REP] Judge, County Court-at-Law (Rusk) – Chad Wes Dean [REP] Judge, County Court-at-Law No.1 (Williamson) – Brandy Hallford [REP] Judge, County Court-at-Law No.3 (Williamson) – Doug Arnold [REP] Judge, County Probate Court-at-Law No.1 (El Paso) – Patricia B Chew [DEM] Justice of the Peace (Sherman) – Margaret Ewers [REP] Justice of the Peace Pct.1 (Zapata) – Eliza Yvonne Garcia “EY” [DEM] Justice of the Peace Pct.2 (Bowie) – Curtis Cole [REP] Justice of the Peace Pct.2 (Brewster) – Jim Burr [DEM] Justice of the Peace Pct.2 (Rockwall) – Chris Florance [REP] Justice of the Peace Pct.3 (Victoria) – Robert B. “Bob” Whitaker [REP] Justice of the Peace Pct.4 Place.2 (Dallas) – Katy Hubener [DEM] State Representative District 45 – Rebecca Bell-Metereau [DEM] State Representative District 79 – Joe C. Pickett [DEM] State Senator, District 10 – Konni Burton [REP] U. S. Representative District 22 – Eric Zmrhal [REP]

If you are a candidate we invite you to start the endorsement process by visiting

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the process.

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