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Purpose Statement

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is committed to maintaining a high standard of ethics, performance, and discipline among all its leaders and volunteers. This policy outlines the expectations for ethical conduct, performance standards, and disciplinary procedures within the TNM. It is designed to ensure that all members conduct their duties efficiently, effectively, and honorably, bringing credit to themselves and the TNM.

Ethics Policy

All TNM leaders and volunteers are expected to uphold a high ethical standard and abide by the TNM Ethics Policy. This includes:

  1. Conduct: Members should act in a manner that brings credit to the TNM and does not discredit it.
  2. Integrity: Members should be honest and dependable and honor their commitments to the TNM.
  3. Behavior: Members should conduct themselves appropriately for their position within the TNM.
  4. Attitude: Members should maintain a supportive and positive attitude towards the TNM cause and its adherents.
  5. Commitments: Members should honor their commitments and not make commitments on behalf of others.
  6. Dress/Appearance/Image: Members should maintain an appearance appropriate for the TNM and their position.
  7. Policy Adherence: Members should follow all TNM policies and perform as team players.
  8. Rules Adherence: Members should follow all TNM rules and perform as team players.
  9. Mission and Vision Implementation and Adherence: Strict adherence to the TNM’s mission and vision is mandatory.
  10. Management Directions: Members should follow management directions once discussions are completed.
  11. Duties: Members should perform their duties without complaint or shirking.
  12. Corrective Actions: Members should provide a positive adaptation to TNM needs.
  13. Communication: Members should speak their minds honestly and respectfully, then follow the leader’s direction.

Performance Policy

All TNM leaders and volunteers are expected to perform their functions, tasks, and duties to a high standard, providing integrity, appropriate performance, communication, and support of the TNM leadership and objectives. The Performance Policy requirements include:

  1. Duty Performance: Members should perform all duties in a manner that advances the TNM Objectives.
  2. Effective Mission Implementation: Members should provide effective mission implementation.
  3. Policy Adherence: Members should provide TNM Policy adherence.
  4. Duty Performance: Members should provide appropriate duties performance.
  5. Management Directions: Members should follow management directions skillfully.
  6. Effectiveness: Members should provide proper effectiveness.
  7. Reporting: Members should provide required reports and statuses.
  8. Timeliness: Members should provide timeliness with self, others, and outputs.
  9. Output Quality: Members should provide appropriate output with appropriate quality.
  10. Function and Organization Management: Members should provide proper function and organization management.
  11. Delegation and Supervision: Members should appropriately delegate and supervise organizational subordinates.
  12. Performance Standards: Members should establish and implement proper performance standards for themselves and their subordinates.
  13. Work Processes: Members should develop and implement appropriate work processes for themselves and subordinates.
  14. Task Performance: Members should perform required tasks efficiently and effectively with proper quality and timeliness.
  15. Improvement: Members should seek to be and do better and improve the tasks and output for the TNM.
  16. Respect: Members should treat everyone with respect, dignity, and consideration.
  17. Positive Influence: Members should be a positive influence for all and the TNM.
  18. Mission and Vision: Members should follow and implement the Mission and Vision for the best result.

Disciplinary Policy

The TNM maintains a strict disciplinary policy for any infractions and/or violations of the Ethics and Performance Policies. Serious unmitigated violations may cause immediate suspension or termination. The disciplinary process is as follows:

  1. First Infraction: A written Notice #1 is issued, and Corrective Action #1 is required. Possible suspension may occur.
  2. Second Infraction: A written Notice #2 is issued, and Corrective Action #2 is required. Possible suspension may occur.
  3. Third Infraction: A final notice is issued, leading to dismissal or a request for resignation.

Minor, easily correctable infractions will be dealt with by verbal warning. Non-correction or continued abuse will constitute grounds for Written Notice(s). Each Written Notice will require a written Corrective Action Plan by the offender and agreed to by the offender’s management. Refusal to provide a corrective plan will be sufficient grounds for immediate dismissal.


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