Last Updated: 08-02-2023 15:30:20

The purpose of this policy is to outline the process for reporting violations of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) Code of Conduct. This policy ensures that all members understand their responsibilities in maintaining the standards of behavior set out in the Code of Conduct, and that there is a clear and effective process for addressing violations. By adhering to this policy, members can contribute to a respectful and productive environment that supports the TNM’s mission.

How To Report A Violation of Code of Conduct

Understanding the Code of Conduct: Familiarize yourself with the TNM Code of Conduct to understand the standards of behavior expected of all members.

Identifying Violations: If you witness a violation of the TNM Code of Conduct on any of the TNM Platforms/Social Media, including emails, texts, or posts, you should take immediate action to document the violation.

Documenting Violations: Take screenshots of the violations and email them to [email protected]. If the violations occur on our TNM platform, you should also use the Report Post or Report Picture feature, which can be found by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post.

Preserving Evidence: Do not remove a post or picture from the TNM Platform without first sending visual proof of the violation. This is crucial to protect yourself and the organization.

In-Person Violations: If you witness a violation in person at any TNM activities, try to capture video or pictures, if possible, and email them to [email protected].

Taking Action: Once the violation has been reported and visual proof sent in, you can take the appropriate action of deleting the post/picture if you have that ability. If you do not have the ability to delete posts/pictures, then the Violation Board will take the appropriate actions.

Violation Board: If you are simply reporting the violation(s), the Violation Board will take the appropriate action in dealing with the said violation(s). The Violation Board is responsible for reviewing all reported violations and determining the appropriate response in accordance with the TNM Code of Conduct.


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