Last Updated: 08-03-2023 12:24:04

This policy outlines the process for TNM leadership and volunteers to rent event space for TNM activities. It is important to note that no individual is allowed to contract under the name of or on behalf of the TNM without authorization from the Director of Operations. This policy ensures that all contracts are executed with proper authorization, protecting the interests of the TNM.

This policy applies to all TNM leadership and volunteers organizing events requiring rented space.

Identification of Space
The individual responsible for the event should identify a suitable space that meets the event’s needs, including location, size, accessibility, and cost.

Approval Process
Before proceeding with the rental, the individual must obtain approval from their immediate supervisor or designated TNM authority. The approval request should include details of the event, the identified space, and the cost. As part of the approval process, the Department head must get final authorization from the Director of Operations who will seek approval from the Board of Directors.

Contract Review
If the rental of the space requires a contract, the individual must not sign the contract themselves. Instead, they should submit the contract to the designated TNM authority for review. This could be a legal advisor, a member of the executive team, or another individual who has been given the authority to execute contracts on behalf of the TNM.

Contract Execution
Only individuals who have been given express authority to execute contracts on behalf of the TNM may sign the contract. Under no circumstances should a volunteer or leader without this authority sign a contract.

Once the contract has been signed by the authorized individual, the individual organizing the event can proceed with payment as directed by the TNM’s financial policies.

All documentation related to the rental, including the approval request, the contract, and the payment receipt, should be kept for record-keeping purposes.

Non-compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of volunteer duties or leadership roles.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the TNM and complies with any changes in law or regulations.

By adhering to this policy, we can ensure that all event space rentals are conducted in a manner that is consistent with the TNM’s values, protects the TNM’s legal and financial interests, and maintains the integrity of our operations.


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