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The purpose of this policy is to guide District Directors (DDs) in the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) through the process of assessing and interviewing potential Local Coordinators (LCs) and Deputy Local Coordinators (DLCs). This policy ensures that all potential LCs and DLCs understand the responsibilities and expectations of their roles, and that there is a clear and effective process for their application and assessment. This policy contributes to the effective functioning of the TNM by ensuring that all LCs and DLCs are well-prepared for their roles.

Guide for Assessing and Interviewing Potential Local Coordinators and Deputy Local Coordinators

Preliminary Understanding: Ideally, potential LCs/DLCs should have a conversation with a DD before applying for the position. During this conversation, the DD can explain the prerequisites, expectations, and duties of the position.

Application Process: If a potential LC/DLC applies for the position before having a conversation with a DD, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Verify Understanding of Role: Ensure that the applicant understands that the LC/DLC role, although a volunteer position, is a leadership role that requires a background check, participation in a chain of command, a set interview process, initial and ongoing training, and a serious weekly time commitment.
  2. Verify Membership: Confirm that the applicant is a member of the TNM and of the local group for which they are applying.
  3. Verify Qualifications: Check that the applicant has proven themselves worthy of the position by meeting certain criteria, such as signing up as a volunteer, attending at least one volunteer Zoom meeting, participating in an outreach event and a meetup event, and obtaining at least three SIDs or petition signatures.
  4. Verify Agreement to Requirements: Ensure that the applicant understands and agrees to the requirements of their position, including completing training, holding regular events, completing event report forms in a timely manner, attending monthly Zoom calls and team meetings, and following all TNM rules, policies, and procedures.
  5. Verify Completion of Pre-Requisite Training: Check that the applicant has completed the necessary pre-requisite training.
  6. Verify Agreement to Use TNM Tools: Confirm that the applicant agrees to set up and use their TNM email address, Grasshopper extension, Google Spaces, etc. This requires a regular internet connection.
  7. Verify Agreement to Complete Further Training: Ensure that the applicant agrees to complete further training within two weeks if accepted.

Interview Process: If the DD feels that the applicant understands and agrees to the above, they should arrange an interview with the applicant. This interview can be conducted in person or via a Zoom or Google Meet call. The DD should use the ‘LC/Document LC Interview by DD Template‘ to guide the interview and record the applicant’s responses. Save a Copy Naming it, for example, ‘John Smith LC Interview, and have it ready before you start the interview. If you are uncomfortable typing while interviewing, print a copy to take handwritten notes. After the interview, add their responses under each question with more than a one-word response. Remember that the DFD will review and use this document during the second interview. Go to the district page for that local group. The example below would be 

Recommendation Process: After the interview, the DD should go to the district page for that local group and enter the applicant’s details. Go to the district page for that local group. The example below would be They should then copy and paste the entire text from the applicant’s interview document into the Notes section of the district page.

The DD should then submit their recommendation and let the applicant know their decision and why.

Make sure you are entering the same name, spelling, and email address they used when they applied for the position. This must match exactly. This should be the same name and address they use to log into the TNM website. Check if you recommend or do not recommend.

Non-Approval: If the DD does not approve the applicant, they should provide clear reasons. Some applicants may not have the time, technological skills, stable internet connection, or suitable personality for the role. These individuals may be better suited as volunteers or in other roles within the TNM. It is easier not to recommend them now than to have them fail in their roles later. Given time, changes in life circumstances, training, and personal development, they may be able to apply again at a different time.


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