Last Updated: 08-02-2023 13:58:39

The purpose of this policy is to guide the use of social media by members of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) in a way that supports the organization’s mission, protects its reputation, and complies with relevant laws and regulations. This policy outlines the TNM’s official social media outlets, guidelines for using social media in an official capacity, and expectations for personal social media use. By adhering to this policy, TNM members can use social media effectively and responsibly to promote Texas independence.

TNM Social Media Policy

Official Outlets: The TNM maintains active profiles on the most popular social networks and has non-maintained profiles on many others. Our primary social media outlets include:

  • Facebook –
  • Twitter –
  • YouTube –
  • Instagram –

Other Outlets: The TNM also maintains special purpose accounts, pages, and profiles on other networks. We establish a presence on new social media outlets but do not actively maintain these until there is a clear trend toward the outlet becoming prominent or dominant. Some of these include:

  • MeWe –
  • Gab –
  • Gettr –
  • Twitch –

General Guidelines for Social Media: When using social media accounts in your capacity as a TNM volunteer and/or leader, you must follow all Terms of Service for that outlet, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. Do not create social media accounts, groups, or pages containing the name Texas Nationalist Movement, TNM, the TNM logo, or otherwise indicating affiliation with the organization without approval from the Director of Communications or a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Event Sharing: The only social media outlet on which we create events is Facebook. These are created by the TNM social media manager for the main TNM page. You may share these events on Facebook. On all other social media outlets, to share an event, this should only be done by sharing the official event listing on the TNM website:

Misinformation: Do not spread misinformation on social media. Disseminating unverified, false, or misleading information under the banner of the TNM damages the credibility of the organization.

Personal Profiles: If your personal profile is accessible to others and is readily identifiable as belonging to you, and you are identifiable as a leader in the Texas Nationalist Movement, then the entire organization will be judged by anything you post on social media. Therefore, if you post anything on your personal profile that is contrary to our mission, principles, or policies, you are subject to reprimand. Remember, there is nothing hidden or temporary on the internet, especially on social media.


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