Last Updated: 08-02-2023 12:58:02

This policy outlines the appropriate and inappropriate uses of TNM email accounts to ensure professional and effective communication within the organization and with external parties.

This policy applies to all members of the TNM National Leadership Team (NLT) and any other individuals who have been granted a TNM email address.

Appropriate Use of TNM Email
TNM email accounts should be used primarily for conducting TNM business. This includes:

  • Communicating with other TNM NLT members regarding TNM business.
  • Communicating with a small group (no more than 10 individuals) for the purpose of conducting TNM business, such as organizing or staffing an event.
  • Sharing TNM-related information with an individual TNM member or supporter who has requested communication via email.
  • Providing your TNM email address to individuals met at outreach events, meetups, and in public for the purpose of conducting TNM business.

Inappropriate Use of TNM Email
TNM email accounts should not be used for the following purposes:

  • Sending unauthorized solicitation emails.
  • Conducting personal business.
  • Signing up for illegal, disreputable, or suspect websites and services.
  • Sending insulting or discriminatory messages and content.
  • Intentionally spamming other people’s emails, including the NLT.

Monitoring and Archiving
The TNM reserves the right to monitor and archive emails sent from TNM email accounts to ensure compliance with this policy and to protect the interests of the organization.

Non-compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of volunteer duties or leadership roles, and revocation of TNM email access.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the TNM and complies with any changes in law or regulations.

By adhering to this policy, we can ensure that our email communications are professional, respectful, and aligned with the mission and values of the TNM.


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