Last Updated: 08-02-2023 13:53:33

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all meetings and events organized under the banner of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) align with the organization’s mission, values, and strategic objectives. This policy outlines the process for obtaining approval to organize such meetings or events, the roles and responsibilities of key officials in this process, and the consequences of non-compliance. By adhering to this policy, TNM leaders can contribute to a unified and effective approach to promoting Texas independence.

TNM Meeting and Event Organization Policy

Scope of Duties: Leaders in the Texas Nationalist Movement may organize and conduct meetings or events that are within the stated scope of their duties. These activities should support the TNM’s mission and strategic objectives.

Approval Requirement: No member of the Texas Nationalist Movement shall organize a meeting or event branded as the Texas Nationalist Movement or the TNM without the consent of the relevant officials as outlined in this policy. This ensures that all TNM-branded activities are coordinated, strategic, and in the best interests of the organization.

Rescinding Permission: Any of the officials listed below that are part of the National Leadership Team may rescind permission to hold such a meeting or event if they believe that the meeting or event would be against the interests of the organization. This ensures that the TNM can respond to changing circumstances and maintain the integrity of its brand.

Consequences of Non-Compliance: Holding an unauthorized meeting or event branded as the Texas Nationalist Movement or the TNM without the consent of the relevant official(s) or once permission has been rescinded will be grounds for disciplinary and/or legal action. This ensures that all TNM activities are conducted with proper authorization and accountability.

Relevant Officials: For the purposes of this policy, the following may be classified as relevant officials:

  • Field Director
  • Chief of Staff
  • Executive Director
  • President

These officials are responsible for overseeing the organization of TNM meetings and events, ensuring they align with the TNM’s mission and strategic objectives, and taking appropriate action in the event of non-compliance with this policy.


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