Last Updated: 08-02-2023 16:49:43

The template for single events has been changed and updated.

  • Events now have a visibility field for the location to be public, private to signups, or private. If it is public, the location shows to anyone. If it is private to signups, it is visible only after they sign up for the event. If it is private, it instructs them to contact the organizer of the event for location details.
  • We have instituted a new Sign Up form for events. This replaces the old RSVP form and gives us more flexibility to extend its functions later.
  • The sign up form is different for different event types. The form for Voter Engagement events is automatically assumed to be a form to sign up volunteers for the event. Both the form and the language on the form reflect this fact. The form for Meetups is a normal RSVP form and signups have the option to volunteer to help with the meetup. Additionally, if the event is organized by a Local Group, the signup is given the option to join the organizing group if they are not already in a group.
  • For site users who signup to an event, they now have two buttons that allow them to add the event, including location, to their Google Calendar or download an iCal file for iPhone and Outlook.
  • We have extended the share buttons to include sharing across most social media platforms and SMS (text messaging).
  • After an event, anyone who has signed up for the event and is logged in to the site has an opportunity to rate the event and submit feedback.
  • Organizers now have a new section on the page that will show them profile cards for people who have signed up for the event. If the signup has a user account on the website, it will also show their volunteer status and CPC status. You also have a button to send them a message on the TNM Social platform.


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