Regarding Maisie Birkelbach, LC of TNM Pilot Point. Could not find her in here so placing under Tim's contact: She suffers from an auto-immune disease, which she states keeps her from being able to do much. She can make calls, write letters, and participate in social media, but that is about it. When I asked if she knows how to post her meetup events on the calendar, she stated that right now she is having a hard time taking care of herself. She has someone that she gave the TEXIT book to read who may make a good DLC. He is from Washington state; he is in his 30s; he is politically active; and he has escaped that political climate back home. When I asked if I could have his contact information, she stated that the time was not right. I really was at a loss for what to do with the rest of the conversation. I explained that I am reaching out to every local group to remind them that we are needing one meetup and two or more outreach events per month for them. I let her know that I was sending her an email. Paul Robie was also messaged. I let him know that I cannot find her information in the contact directory; in fact, under Tim Curtis's name, it shows an opening for an LC in Pilot Point.


With enough signatures, the TNM can force the TEXIT question on the primary ballot in March 2024. This is exactly what we’re going to do and we need your help to do it.