On 8/5/23, I emailed Donna, who is the LC of Corpus Christi, regarding her not posting her meetups or outreach events into the TNM Events calendar, perhaps due to a tech issue. In a past conversation, her DD, Manuel Chapa, said that she had issues when submitting events that somehow got deleted. She did not respond to my email until 3 days later, stating, "I've done it twice; fix your software." I then tried calling her via her cell phone 361-537-1619 at 3:59 p.m., but it quickly went to a voice message stating that this voicemail is not monitored, and then the phone hung up. I messaged Sheryl Miller then via Google Chat to see if Donna had reached out to us regarding her issue, and she assured me she had not. Sheryl also let me know that Donna gave her "some very nasty attitude about the cybersecurity training videos in May" and has kept that email.

I called the TNM Corpus Christi telephone number for Donna at 4:10 p.m., and she answered. She stated that she just got a new computer and that she hopes this helps. I asked if she would meet with me in Google Meet and share screens with me, and I could assist. She stated that she could not do so right now. I let her know that I was glad to assist her when she was ready with Google Space. We discussed that just because https://tnm.me/localgroups/corpus-christi/ lists her regular Meetup info, it does not automatically generate an email every month to invite those in her area to attend. I gave an example of how this is helpful, and even when someone replies that they cannot come, she now has their name and email address and can fill them in later. I ended our call and then emailed her back, stating that if she has any trouble at all posting her Meetup for the 4th Tuesday, please let me know so we can meet via Google Space.