Donna is complete with her LC and CPC trainings and has earned over 35 noted achievements. These achievements include petition drive achievements for '13, '21, and '23. She also has the badge for finding over 50 supporters. However, please note that for the months of June‚ÄďAugust, Donna has had no meetup or outreach in the TNM Events calendar, a #3 and #4 violation. When confronted on 8/5/23, she did not still have an event on the calendar for August. She has one meetup now on the TNM Events calendar for 9/25/23 at the location noted on the local group page. Two outreaches are still needed for this month. DD was emailed, asking if he could speak with her and let me know if there were meetups or outreaches held by her in June – August that were not on the TNM events calendar. I asked if he would do this before the 4 p.m. field meeting Monday, 9/4/23, so I could report out to Nate, Paul, Dean, David, and others.