Email sent to his TNM and personal email, his DD cc'd. and a text message sent asking for receipt confirmation:

Your district director was emailed earlier today at 2:12 p.m. CST, warning them that if their LCs or DLCs have not completed all required training by Monday, 8/28/23, that those LCs and DLCs would be deprovisioned right away. This is important. Deprovisioning means you are losing your role as LC or DLC, losing your TNM email, losing leadership access to your group, losing your ability to post events, etc.
I am contacting you via:
1) Your TNM email2) Your personal email that we have on file3) Via a text to your cell number we have on file, and4) I will be reaching out via phone if I do not hear back from you.
I need to know that you:
a) have received this message,b) understand your deadline for training to be completed,c) understand what will happen if it is not completed, andd) whether you are going to complete the training or if you are choosing to resign. received this message and that you are going to get the training completed this weekend. 
Here is the information regarding any training that still needs to be completed:
Rodney Roland (Kenneth) LC of Luling: As of 8/23/23, this group has had no meetup on the TNM Events Calendar from June – August. At the end of August, he would be in violation of #3. He was on boarded June 5th, 2023 into this position. Their next meetup is scheduled for 9/26/23. His DLC Bobala Bohus is up to date with her training and has had 6 outreaches all summer long. Also of issue for Rodney is:#3 Any Local Group that is more than 90 days old and has not held a Meetup within the last 90 days will be dissolved, and any local leadership will be deprovisioned with immediate effect. He has not completed any of his LC trainings: How To Host A Meetup: Not Started Getting Started As A Local Coordinator: Not Started * Becoming A Local Coordinator: In Progress


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