On October 9th, 2009 I wrote Ron:

One of the roles of the DFD of Performance is to go over theEvent Compliance Report: https://tnm.me/field-events/ each month. The way that it counts is to see if your local group has put at least one meetup and two or more outreaches on the TNM Event calendar. For the month of September I see:

Sugar Land (Local Coord.: Ron Camacho) | Meetups: 1 | Outreach: 0

I wanted to make sure I had accurate information. If there was an additional meetup or outreach event that was done in September but not on the TNM Events calendar for TNM Sugar Land, please let me know. I am adding this data manually under each group for the September event compliance report. Remember that events can be as big as a booth at a gun show or fair, or, a table or tailgate at your local town square. Thank you.

He responded this morning with:

Good morning Chris,

I did not have any TNM Outreach planned in September or for October.

Here is my reason since it sounds like you want one.

Because of TNM, I have gotten involved in Fort Bend County politics to the extent that I am now a Precinct 3020 Chair. As a Chair, I am required to attend weekly events: envelope stuffing, block walking, monthly Patriot Breakfast, help man the booth at the County Fair and attend Executive Committee meetings (I am one of 175 Pct Chairs in Fort Bend.) All of this I do while wearing my TNM pin and sharing our mission.

As a Chair, I have submitted the TEXIT Resolution to the Fort Bend Resolution Committee along with a Censure Motion of rep Jayce Jetton for his vote to impeach Paxton (plus he is very outspoken against TNM). Jetton is one of Phelan's Dirty Dozen. Both will be voted on tonight.

All of this I do because of our mission. I have never been involved in politics but have risen to some standing with Fort Bend GOP. I am on the Executive Committee. My "Outreach" is worn on every GOP meeting that I attend. I have had a private meeting with the head of the GOP Political action committee chair and the candidate for the PCT 3 Commissioner, and we discussed TNM. I have also had a personal conversation with Matt Morgan who is running against our nemesis Jetton and he is on our side. (He was endorsed by Paxton)

So, no. I have not had an Outreach event. I am living it. If you feel I am not doing my job as LC, then ask that I resign and I will do so.

I will report to Travis the results of tonight's vote on the Resolution which has taken a lot of my time and effort to get.

Ron Camacho
Texas First, Texas Forever


With enough signatures, the TNM can force the TEXIT question on the primary ballot in March 2024. This is exactly what we’re going to do and we need your help to do it.