Ron responded at 7:26p responding to my email, ccing his DD, what I consider a resignation. I forwarded his inappropriate response to Paul Robie right away. This was Ron's response to my email:

This is rather funny,

Actually sent an email today asking where to start the process to complete the CPC training. I was happy to do it on my own, even though it seems to me, It's a lot easier to point people to the website and have them fill it out themselves without any need for training or validating written documents.

However, in light of the texts and emails that I just received, I'm inclined to believe that the TNM must have an excess of volunteers that are aching for an opportunity at leadership in my area. With that being the case, they may be better suited to perform the task.

So in response, I will not be completing the CPC training before Monday. I don't respond well to threats, if I did then I'd probably be inclined to stay a part of the United States rather than exit.

Best wishes,

Ron Raphoon
[email protected]
+1 (832) 928-2786


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