Sign the
Personal One Page (POP) Petition

We have made it easier than ever to sign the petition to place Texit on the ballot in 2022.

This legal petition (in accordance with Texas Election Code 172.088) must still be signed in person (not online) with ink on paper. If you just want to sign yourself and a few friends and family you know, you can do this without registering as a Certified Petition Circulator (CPC). 
The Personal One Page Petition or POP Petition makes it simple.
  1. Sign up on the form (login or register your support first). 
  2. Watch a 5 minute instructional video.
  3. Get access to the page where you can print and sign the petition, find a notary, and let us know you mailed it. 
If you want to help us by collecting signatures from people you don’t know yet, then please become a CPC.


You must be a registered supporter to be able to Print & Sign The Petition. If you are already a registered supporter, click the button to login to the site. If you are not, register your support using the form below.

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