Are you tired of having representatives in Austin that don't represent you?

Help us take Texas back!

It's never been more clear.

Texas needs pro-Texas, pro-independence citizens in elected office.

For too long, Texans have been represented by an unresponsive, disconnected political class who think they are our rulers and not our representatives. The rights of Texans and the sovereignty of Texas are in critical danger. For the TNM’s mission to succeed, we need committed Texans to step forward and defend Texas like those who came before us. 

From this point forward, the TNM intends to challenge every elected official who stands between the people and Texas independence.

Here's how we're taking Texas back.

"All political power is inherent in the people..."
It's time that we exercise that power.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is uniquely positioned to mount a winnable challenge to the political establishment throughout Texas. With almost 500,000 registered supporters, a complete field organization, and volunteers in every corner of Texas, a highly organized and sustained campaign with a full slate of pro-Texas candidates can completely rewrite the book on politics in Texas and give you the representation that you deserve.

  • We are recruiting candidates from among the strongest, most pro-Texas members of the Texas Nationalist Movement.
  • Through the TNM-PAC, selected candidates are extensively vetted and given campaign training.
  • TNM candidates are given access to our candidate technology framework and are able to leverage our organizational infrastructure so that they can focus on campaigning and winning.
  • As a part of the TNM's efforts, candidates get the benefit of statewide promotion as part of the slate and an army of TNM volunteers ready to help them campaign and win.

The future of Texas is in your hands.

Will you answer the call to stand for Texas?

The process begins when you apply to be a TNM candidate. Please fill out the form to start the process. Once you submit the form, you will be contact by the Take Texas Back team to discuss your next steps.

Candidate Application

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