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Elliott "Alu" Axelman is Chairman of the Foundation of New Hampshire Independence. In his personal life, he is an author and paramedic.

Elliot “Alu” Axelman lives with his wonderful wife, Kate in southern New Hampshire. Though raised as a conservative, Alu became increasingly libertarian as he learned more about how government operates. As he became more involved in political analysis via his writing, podcasts, videos, and activism, Alu evolved into a voluntaryist – which means that he totally rejects the use of force against peaceful people, even by government agents. Outside of his full-time job (emergency medicine) and his full-time labor of love (supporting freedom), Alu enjoys power-lifting, boxing, BJJ, traveling, teaching, and recently began trying his hand at piano and saxophone.

Professionally, Alu is a critical-care and flight-certified paramedic, which is the highest level of certification that a pre-hospital medical provider could attain. He has worked in emergency medical services since 2011 and is a Field Training Officer and adjunct instructor for all levels of EMS students. Alu’s experience includes service to a multitude of municipalities as the primary 911 ALS response ambulance and service to a multitude of hospital systems as an inter-facility specialty care paramedic, often utilizing ventilators, IV pumps, advanced airways, and managing cardiac arrests.

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