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Brent Smith

County Attorney
Kinney County

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Brent Smith is the County Attorney for Kinney County. Smith advises the TNM on issues related to border security, the impact of illegal immigration, and law enforcement.

Brent Smith is a distinguished County Attorney for Kinney County, Texas. In addition to his work as the County Attorney, Smith advises the Texas Nationalist Movement on the impact of illegal immigration, border security, and law enforcement. Smith’s family lineage dates back to the founding of the Republic of Texas, and he feels a deep sense of responsibility to honor their legacy. He passionately advocates for the sovereignty of Texas, which he believes is threatened by transnational cartel organizations and federal mismanagement of the border, posing a grave national security threat to Texans.

Smith has worked tirelessly with law enforcement to prosecute over 4,000 foreign nationals who entered the US illegally and committed serious crimes. He has achieved remarkable success despite having just two assistant prosecutors and four legal assistants. He has urged Governor Greg Abbott to use his authority under the US and Texas Constitutions to declare an invasion and regain control of the Texas border.

With his unparalleled dedication to the cause of Texas sovereignty and border security, Brent Smith is a highly sought-after speaker.

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