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Legislative Advisor
Texas Nationalist Movement
Kyle Biedermann is the State Representative for House District 73. He is a staunch advocate for Texas First policies and is the author of the Texas Independence Referendum Act. He currently serves as the Legislative Advisor for the TNM's Advisory Board.

I have been blessed to live in Texas for the past 30 years, and I have been working as hard as I can to provide for my family and my community at Biedermann’s Ace Hardware in Fredericksburg.

As a small business owner, I know what it means to keep up with payroll, take care of customers, and to make ends meet, and I will not be swayed by the power brokers and the unethical influences in Austin.

As a Christian and a conservative Republican, I am proud to serve as State Representative in the great district covering Gillespie, Comal, and Kendall counties. I am proud to be a conservative and dutiful citizen legislator, not a career politician.

Since elected, I have stayed positive and focused solely on the issues that affect the hardworking people and seniors in this district, like rising property taxes, water conservation, the second amendment, unfunded state mandates on our schools, over-regulation and higher taxes on our businesses and our God-given private property rights.

At the federal level and in Texas, I have watched our already bloated government continue to overtax, overspend and rip away our God-given freedoms. We need real conservative leadership in our Capitol, and this is exactly why I made the sacrifice to run for office.

As more and more folks move to Texas, and as this district grows, we need to be vigilant in protecting life, the constitution, our economy, and our very way of life. We must act now to keep Texas free and prosperous.

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