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Paul is best known for his role as the TNM's attorney in its anti-censorship lawsuit against Facebook's parent company, Meta. He is committed to fighting for the rights of conservatives and exposing injustices wherever they exist.

Paul Davis is a Texas attorney known for his unwavering dedication to liberty and conservative values. Despite facing catastrophic personal and professional consequences, Davis refused to back down from his fight against tyranny. He rose to national prominence after a leftist journalist falsely accused him of “storming the Capitol to stage a coup against the US Government” in a viral tweet that led to his firing as an in-house employment lawyer and human resources director at Goosehead Insurance.

Davis continued his fight for justice and led an election fraud lawsuit aimed at exposing widespread violations of federal election integrity law in the 2020 presidential and congressional elections. Though lack of financial resources forced him to dismiss the lawsuit, he remained undaunted. Paul’s expertise in employment law led him to speak out publicly against the Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandates, earning him the nickname “the lawyer for patriots” as conservatives across the country sought his counsel. His work for vaccine mandate clients also led him to investigate and expose a possible murder-for-money scheme in which hospitals receive substantial funds from the federal government each time a patient dies with COVID.

Today, Davis is best known for his role as the Texas Nationalist Movement’s attorney in its anti-censorship lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company, Meta. He is committed to fighting for the rights of conservatives and exposing injustices wherever they exist.

Paul Davis graduated from The University of Texas School of Law, Class of 2011, and worked for two large, Texas-based international law firms, Andrews Kurth (now Hunton Andrews Kurth) and Strasburger (now Clark Hill), as a civil litigator specializing in employment law. After being fired from Goosehead, he started his own law practice, Paul M. Davis & Associates, where he focuses on issues such as an employee’s right to be exempt from vaccine mandates on religious or medical grounds, holding school boards accountable for indoctrinating and grooming children, and social media censorship.

Davis gained national attention for winning a temporary restraining order against Meta Platforms/Facebook for censoring the account of former Texas gubernatorial candidate and BlazeTV host, Chad Prather. Currently, he is representing the Texas Nationalist Movement/TEXIT in a class action lawsuit against Meta for social media censorship. Davis’s goal is to file class actions for Texans against every social media platform that censors, ensuring that no Texan is ever deprived of their right to free speech in the public square of social media ever again. With his unwavering commitment to the Constitution, the rule of law, and the protection of individual rights, Davis is an inspiration to those who share his values and a powerful voice for those who have been marginalized by a corrupt and oppressive system.

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