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TNM Premium Membership

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Since 2005, the Texas Nationalist Movement has been on the front lines of Texas independence, fighting for your right of self-government. In that time we have taken support for an independent Texas from single-digit support to being on the cusp of a referendum. We have successfully advocated for pro-Texas legislation that has reclaimed the sovereignty of Texas and moved us closer to independence. As one of the largest self-determination movements in the world, we know that our mission and our work make a difference, not just here in Texas, but also around the world. Even with over 350,000 declared supporters, our successes would be impossible without our members. Join with us and let’s build on our successes together.

In addition to the TNM’s year-round, effective advocacy on pro-independence issues you will receive:

  • Priority support from the TNM HQ
  • Access to quarterly members-only online townhall
  • Priority access to ticketed TNM events
  • Access to exclusive organizational reports
  • Access to exclusive insider briefings
  • Access to members-only online discussion
  • Eligibility to vote on TNM candidate endorsements
  • Eligibility to serve in TNM leadership
  • Eligibility to submit project and policy proposals
  • No fundraising phone calls

Only join if you believe that Texans are strong enough, smart enough, and good enough to stand as a nation among nations and believe that the work to achieve Texas independence is, at least, worth the cost of an average restaurant meal.

(*others need not apply)

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